Institute of Municipal Assessors


Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance Program Update

Insurance Portfolio Inc. would like to once again thank the Institute of Municipal Assessors for the opportunity to negotiate renewal terms for the association and its requirement for Errors & Omissions Liability insurance.  The renewal is with ENCON Group Inc., offered on a two year policy term, and we are pleased to announce that there has been a premium decrease on this renewal program.  This program is for members that are licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada, and whose wordings are LSUC compliant and is specifically designed for property assessors.  This is effective for the February 25, 2017 renewal.


Program highlights include:

  • IMPORTANT:  Tailored and specific Insured Services
  • Penal Defence Reimbursement of $50,000., sublimit, and libel and slander cover.
  • Flexible limits
  • Some Coverage for Mentoring Services
  • 2 Year Policy Term, applications not required every year
  • Aggregate Liability limits available from $1,000,000., to $4,000,000.
  • No Exclusion for Libel/Slander
  • NEW!  Cyber Security and Privacy Liability Extension, $50,000. Sublimit
  • The program is in it’s 10th year, a policy you can trust in.
  • Membership in the IMA is mandatory
  • New policyholders welcome



Please contact the IMA Offices or contact Insurance Portfolio Inc., 1-800-773-8638 or 416-754-3910