December 19

Kenya Update – December 2018


Dear friends, family and colleagues,

As the year 2018 draws to a close, we are reflecting on the wonderful events that took place with the projects in Kenya. 

Kibera Project:

Our friends in Kibera/Nairobi at ACK Emmanuel school had asked for our help in renovating a classroom that could no longer be used.  Due to seepage of sewage through the walls in the classroom, it was no longer safe for the children to spend time in.   We were able to send money and have the classroom completely renovated and plastered.  The work has been completed and you will see in the photo how bright and clean and welcoming the renovated classroom is for these children.  As a note of interest, this is the same school where our bead ladies and women’s group children attend.   When we first started the initial projects 7 years ago, there was approximately 80 children attending this school.  In 2018, there are now over 300 children attending with the generosity of our Canadian women and men buying products of purses, jewellery and scarves, we have been able to raise and send to our ladies in access of $10,000.00. this year alone.  These funds indirectly assist individual families in order that they send their own children to school in the area.    

A picture of the unusable classroom with seepage coming through the walls.
After the work was completed, the children are now enjoying their safe & healthy classroom.

Our School in Bungoma:

Our school in Bungoma has suffered through the worst drought in 40 years.  We are very grateful that the well we installed 4 years ago has not dried up through these conditions and continues to serve not only the Bungoma community but many surrounding areas.  The water was adequate not only for our Bungoma community but also for their cattle.  The crops in many cases, however, suffered and placed additional stress on the families.  Please note the pictures of the now completed kitchen with a newly installed cooking pot which will feed up to 400 children.  This will give the kitchen staff a huge break from their open fire on the ground which was used to supply hot lunches for the children. 

The children at Mama Caren in the unfinished kitchen.
The bright and finished kitchen with cooking pot, ready to serve the children at Mama Caren.


After several meetings, it was decided that the additional reserve funds would be used for children whose families could now no longer meet the tuition fees and we noted that they were dropping out of school.  As the need was great in Nairobi as well as in Bungoma, we decided to split the funds between three most needy schools.  ACK Emmanuel received $2,000.00, and with the funds was able to offer scholarships to 8 children for one year.  This money included tuition, food, books, and uniforms.  Secondly, we moved onto ACK Madeline and presented this program to those involved running the school.  They were thrilled to receive these funds, and the pictures speak for themselves as to the well-being of the children.  Thirdly, we gave funds to Mama Caren’s school and we were told it gave them a boost, encouraging the community that they had not been forgotten and there was hope for families who could no longer afford to send their children to school. 

The eight scholarship recipients at ACK Emmanuel in Kibera, Nairobi.
Thirteen proud scholarship recipients at Mama Caren shown with their new uniforms.
The eight recipients at Madeline Academy in Bungoma. 

All of this work inspires us to keep going.  If we can make the difference in one child’s life, we will continue to serve these communities.  None of this would be possible without your kind support.  It is amazing that the funds keep coming in although we have not solicited for them.  It touches our heart that so many of you feel as we do and as one of dear friends said “We have to help the children.”   If this continued work touches your heart and you wish to continue to be a part of it, we will gratefully accept your kind donations for $250.00, which will enable a child to attend school in any of the three schools mentioned and it will ensure that each child’s tuition, books, food and uniforms be supplied for one year.   Alternatively, we would be grateful for any amount and will ensure that it is used towards this project.

If you donate over $10.00 a tax receipt will be provided to you by St. Paul’s on the Hill Anglican Church.  All donations may be sent c/o Insurance Portfolio Inc., 10 Milner Business Court, Ste. 800, Scarborough, ON  M1B 3C6, and mark them “Kenya Scholarship Program”.

We are planning to return to Kenya in the spring of 2019, and will personally see the funds are distributed. 

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas full of love, and peace as we enter into a new and exciting 2019.


Pat, Andrew, Chris, Jennifer, Katherine & Noah


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