October 3

Update From June 2016 Mission Trip to Kenya


Dear family, friends and colleagues,

By now you are probably wondering why we have not announced the next Philip Tyrwhitt Memorial Fundraiser event.  At the time of starting the initial campaign in 2013, we committed to a three year project with a total of $120,000. as our goal.  To date, we have sent approximately $165,000.   The additional $40,000. was used to locate and dig a fresh water well with two water towers supplying and meeting the needs of 13,000 people.  The school is now independent and fully functional.  As of September 2016, 156 children have enrolled at the school with 13 full time teachers being employed.

A new kitchen was erected this year, with roof, and cooking platform.  The temporary classrooms were refurbished into a dining hall area.  The furniture will be put in place when the dining hall is secure.    During our visit this past June, the dining hall was used to transform into a medical clinic comprised of 9 volunteers (doctors and dentist) who attended to our children, teachers, clergy as well as the community.

img_0931 img_0980 img_0977 kitchenr

Three major projects are still to be finalized.  Firstly, the kitchen requires windows and doors along with cooking apparatus.  Secondly, the dining hall requires windows and doors to secure this facility.  Thirdly, it came to our attention recently that the two latrines did not meet health standards.  The Board of Health requires that 7 latrines be installed as soon as possible.

Nairobi was a great encouragement this year.  We visited our bead ladies again and are thrilled to see that they are using the sewing machines we gave them 2 years ago and in doing so, have made beautiful uniforms for the children in the slums of Kibera.  This will defer the costs to the parents, and make the uniforms affordable.  Our hope is that this will grow into a project for other schools to be helped as well.  They have asked for our help in obtaining warm sweaters for the children during the winter season.  They are unable to make this particular sweater and we appeal to your generosity in this matter.  This has been a great success story knowing that the monies for feeding we have given them has allowed the attendance to grow at the school in the slum from 80 children to over 300 children.

img_0797 img_0785 img_0782 wp_2013

As you can see, the work is yet to be completed as the needs continue.  We will be sending a Christmas card to you this season, in hopes that you will continue to support our dear friends in Kenya.    While we visited this year, we were approached by many requesting the need for eyeglasses.  Our campaign to collect and refurbish used eyeglasses will start immediately, and will be ongoing until our next visit to Kenya.

“We make a living by what we make.   We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

We could not have done and accomplished this miracle without your help.  Again, we will be giving 100% of your donation to meet the needs of this wonderful community.  Please make your cheque(s) payable to St. Paul’s on the Hill Anglican Church, tax receipts to be given on all donations over $10.00.  Please add the project you wish to support with your donation.

Baraka (Blessings)

The Tyrwhitt Family


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