August 21

African Update, August 2015


Dear family, friends and colleagues,

As the end of summer quickly approaches, we wanted to share with you events that took place on our mission trip of July of this year. Five of us started out on the African journey, Pat, Jennifer, Chris (Jennifer’s husband) and their children, Katherine, 14 years old. and Noah, 12 years old. We left Pearson July 1st, arriving in Nairobi on July 2nd. Our first visit was with our Compassion foster children in Embakassi. We met with Lillian and Nasibl, both aged 12, to a heartfelt welcome with lots of hugs and tears. It warmed our hearts to see the girls doing so well.

2015-07-02 08.40.40

The next part of our journey took us to Bungoma to visit with the children at our school and to see firsthand the deep bore well which was drilled thanks to your generous contributions. We did not expect to see the crops flourishing with banana trees and vegetables growing. Seven local farmers have also been introduced to new, modern agricultural benefits all due to the fresh, clean water coming from this well. Two large towers with holding tanks having been erected on the site, and the entire community as well as their livestock are now benefiting from this amazing reservoir of water. At the time of drilling, we had hoped that the needs of our children would be met, but having since been told this water would now service 13,000 people.


One of the two water towers erected to supply fresh water to the children and community.


The children at Mama Caren Integrated School celebrate their new well.

We had discussions about now being able to raise livestock, namely cows, goats and fowl which was another surprising development. It was suggested that a fence now be erected around this property site for security reasons.

Moving forward, it was expressed that future needs include more latrines, a kitchen, dining hall, and library.   During the erection of the initial 5 classrooms, they were built intended to eventually accommodate electricity.  In the future, it is our hope that we have computers installed in the classrooms and administrative offices.  As a side note, they have expressed a desire to have recreational and athletic materials that the children may enjoy during their recess.

We were given an update about the needs of the orphaned, or most vulnerable children within the school. Local families have taken these children into their homes and are now providing shelter for them. School fees are waived for these children and food is provided at the school. A full review will be made at the beginning of their second term, which begins in September. We have also been advised that the head teacher will provide files of the status and health of each child enrolled in the school. A decision will be made as to the immediate need for dormitories. There are presently 13 teachers on staff, two cooks, and a watchman to guard the property. The goal that we are presenting to them is that they become independent and able to function as a school providing salaries and food on an ongoing basis. A Board of Directors has been set up and we will be receiving monthly reports in the progression of this initiative.

2015-07-06 11.15.54

The faces of the children at Mama Caren Integrated School.

2015-07-06 10.54.28

Mama Caren Integrated School.

As an update to our bead ladies and widows in Kibera, Nairobi, we visited the ladies and are now happy to report that a new staircase, garbage removal and feeding for over 300 children at ACK Emmanuel has now taken place.  We were given new purses and jewellery to bring back to our upcoming event and are excited to share these products with you.  It was a blessing to see them doing so well knowing how this initiative have affected all 24 women and the children that they support.

Untitled6Before garbage removal in school yard at ACK Emmanuel in Kibera.

Untitled3 School yard after garbage has been removed.

Untitled7Stairs to classrooms and library before renovations.


A new steel staircase – safe for children to use!


Bags of food for the school children.

We are excited to announce that the Archbishop of Kenya, Rt. Rev. Eliud Wabukala will be visiting Toronto in early November. Due to a scheduling conflict in September, we wanted to advise that we have now planned our 3rd Annual Philip Tyrwhitt Memorial event in NOVEMBER 2015 at Scarborough Golf and Country Club. We will be posting invitations in September with all the details.


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