April 17

Kenya Update – May 2015


Dear family, friends and colleagues

Once again it is our utmost pleasure to share the wonderful news regarding our African friends in Nairobi and Bungoma. We are constantly receiving updates from our contacts namely Rev. Philip Makoka and Archbishop Wabakula thanking us for the generosity of all of you who have enabled the progress to continue in Africa.

As school resumed in January 2015 the enrollment climbed to 215 children along with 6 teachers and a new headmaster for the school. Thanks to our partners here in Canada the children now have new desks to sit on as well as a full set of new curriculum text books from which to study. They are now able to start the new school year fully prepared.
With the funds raised at our last event in September 2014 we approached the teachers and clergy to find out what the next critical need was. They shared that clean water has been an ongoing problem especially now that there are so many children on site. We asked what resources they were presently using and they sent pictures of a hand-dug well which was constantly drying up. There is also a dam area but it is highly contaminated and unfit for human consumption. It has been a very dry and hot season for our friends this year so we felt this should certainly be considered as critical.

Surveyors were hired to locate water sources on the property along with the cost of digging a deep bore-hole. We were then sent projections of costs for completion of this project which was within the budget of the funds raised at our event. We gave our approval for the well to be drilled and on March 13th, water was found and we have been told not only found but flowing more plentiful than any other well in Bungoma. The whole community is celebrating this gift as they will all benefit from clean, fresh water which will help eliminate intestinal disease in the community at large. The water has been tested to find out how large the pump should be and also the quality of the water. We have been told that the site of the deep bore well had to be moved and they have found very large quantities of clean water.


As you can see the project continues to be making a huge difference in the lives of our dear friends.

In Kibera our 24 women continue to make beautiful products for us to sell here in Canada. You had the opportunity to purchase these authentic African items at our event. The product was a success at every venue this year which we were delighted to share with you. We were able to send these women $10,000.00 this year, which in turn will be used to pay school fees for their children and grandchildren and generally improve their quality of life.

Four years ago when we attended the school ACK Emmanuel where their children attend, there were only 80 children. This year we have been told there are 350 children enrolled which is a huge increase. All of this tells us that life has improved drastically for this community.

As a family we wanted to share with you that we will be returning to Africa for 2 weeks this summer. We leave early July. Travelling with us will be Chris Gory (Jen’s husband) and Katherine and Noah (Jen & Chris’ children). We are excited to show our family all the wonders of dear African culture. Again this year we are planning to host another fund-raiser at Scarborough Golf and Country Club on Tuesday, September 15, 2015. Save the Date! If ever you wondered whether this project was worthwhile or even productive I am sure you will agree that it is making a huge difference to so many. This would not be possible without your support both financially and with the great encouragement you give us to keep going.


Warmest personal regards Jennifer, Andrew & Pat


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