October 9

2nd Annual Philip Tyrwhitt Memorial Update


To our dear family, friends, colleagues, and partners,

We are so excited to share with you the final results of the 2nd Annual Philip Tyrwhitt Memorial Fundraiser for a School and Orphanage project in Bungoma, Kenya. Together, with all of you, we raised $20,500.00 which far exceeded our expectations, and in attendance there were over 200 people. This would not have been possible without you standing behind us and supporting us in so many ways.

Let us again thank our 17 sponsors, Leland Industries Inc., Project X, Ltd., Insurance Portfolio Inc., Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc., Applied Canada, Manulife Financial, The Elliott Family, the Gory Family, CW Group, Murphy & Chung Professional Corp., Borlak Law Office, CG&B Insurance, The Lunch Lady, Aviva Insurance, Arrow Professional Services, RSA Insurance, and Travelers Canada.

The presentation was both educational and compassionately given by our guest speakers for the evening. Herbie Kuhn kept the evening flowing with enthusiasm and moved us all by sharing by how his family has transitioned as they were able to step out of the box. I am sure we were all inspired to take that second look at our own lives and the direction that we are taking.

Dr. Fran McCordic and Rosemarie Freeman have been faithful in their generous and supportive service to others for many years. We are honored to travel with them and to call their our friends. Many personal sacrifices have been made, and there is no doubt on their impact on an ongoing basis to the beloved community in Kenya through their medical clinics and their dispensaries.

Rev. Kim Beard and St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Pickering, were instrumental at the very inception of this project. Knowing that they are behind us and supporting us has given us great courage to keep going and expect the unexpected. This congregation has taught us that we can do more and impact move lives than we can ever imagine.

With the funds raised this year, we are hoping that more of the required classrooms will be erected in 2015. We are told that there are many more students awaiting enrollment but that the facility needs to increase. We are very optimistic that the target of $50,000. in 2015 is well on it’s way to being completed.

Our partners are now asking us how they can continue to support this on an ongoing basis and we wanted to again update you on immediate needs of the projects:

Consider hosting an African product sale at your business or home this Christmas Season. We will provide the product for you to sell, or we can come sell them for you. Have an initiative in your household or business to adopt one of the needs at the school:
Build a desk
Buy a syllabus
Garbage removal in Kibera
Build a staircase in Kibera

If you were unable to attend the event, or would like to continue your support of this ongoing initiative, we would be most grateful for your support throughout the year.  You will be eligible for a tax receipt.

To make an additional donation, make payable to:

St. Paul’s on the Hill Anglican Church, c/o Insurance Portfolio Inc.
800-10 Milner Business Court
Toronto, ON M1B 3C6
Mark your cheques school/orphanage, Bungoma, Kenya



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