May 22

Economical Mutual Upgrades Branding


Insurance Portfolio Inc. has received the following annoucement from Economical Mutual, one of our important Insurer Partners. For more information about Economical, please visit the Partners tab.

“Economical introducing a refreshed brand in 2012

What’s New
Economical is pleased to announce the launch of a refreshed brand identity on June 15, 2012.

This refreshed brand enhances the clarity and consistency of our brand while injecting energy into all areas of our business.

2012 is an exciting year for Economical as we continue to grow and evolve as a company. While we are updating our corporate brand, we are staying true to our history. We are a secure, reliable and responsive company and we are proud of that.

Name change
An important aspect of this initiative is achieving brand alignment with respect to the Economical name. We have aligned the names of our member companies under “Economical” to strengthen our position in the market. The following name changes will be in effect June 15, 2012.
Waterloo Insurance is becoming Economical Select. Missisquoi Insurance in Quebec will become Economical Insurance. TEIGclaims is becoming Economical Claims. And Westmount Financial is becoming Economical Financial.
The most significant change to the brand is dropping the TEIG acronym and references of “The Group” or “The Economical Insurance Group.” We will become “Economical Insurance.”
Waterloo Insurance is changing its name to Economical Select. This allows us to leverage the strength of Economical’s reputation and financial security, while offering brand alignment between Economical and the group business. It maximizes our resources by allowing Economical to share its new corporate website, marketing collateral and other business tools.

The Missisquoi name will transition to Economical Insurance for similar brand alignment reasons as stated above. This change better represents the company we have evolved into today.

Note: Legal company names are not changing at this time.

A fresh outlook
The refresh will include a modernization of our logo, font and corporate colour palette, as well as a new tagline — good to know. The initiative also includes closer brand alignment across the organization. The brand refresh will help key stakeholders – employees, brokers and policyholders – familiarize, identify and connect with our company like never before.  These changes to member company identities and the entire brand refresh initiative will help to further strengthen our position in the market by maintaining focus and streamlining operations.”

For more information regarding these updates, please contact your insurance broker at Insurance Portfolio Inc. at 1-800-773-8638 or locally in Toronto at 416-754-3910.


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