June 8

Our First With Lloyds of London


For one week in May of 2011, Insurance Portfolio reached a new milestone with our visit to Lloyds of London, London, England.   Insurance Portfolio Inc. is currently Open Market Correspondents with Lloyds of London, and we hope to become Coverholders in the near future.   I am pictured with Guy Robinson on the left and James Adley on the right, our UK sponsoring brokers, whom took both myself and Pat Tyrwhitt for broker shadowing.  We were very impressed with the Lloyds’ underwriters, and the style of their face to face business.  I was even more proud of our industry.  The atmosphere, with more than 85 Lloyds syndicates and hundreds of Lloyds brokers represented in the building would be what I would imagine to be the atmoshere in the New York Stock Exchange.   The Lloyd’s building was built in the early 1980’s, and it’s modern architecture makes it’s presence known on the London skyline.  All of the pipes, HVAC, elevators shafts and water mains are on the exterior of the building, so that the building will always be operational.  Across the street in this haven for insurance companies is Aviva Insurance UK, another Insurer with whom we are contracted.   Lloyd’s are not only a market for hard to write risks, but they are a carrier for those businesses that need Professional Liability, Errors & Omissions Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, General Liability and Property Insurance.  Refer to our “Our Partners” page and link to Lloyds of London for more information about Lloyds.   You can also find out about all of our company partners on “Our Partners” page.


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